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  • Wine Tavern

Nikolaihof "Weinstube"

The Nikolaihof wine tavern uses primarily food from local farmers to prepare meals, the bread is baked on premise. Ground poppy seed, ducks, geese, chicken, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, lettuce, sheep cheese, goat cheese, noodles, spices, and much more is delivered by well-known local farmers. For dessert we offer Indio-coffee from organic cultivation supplemented by our special whole wheat desserts.

Apart from producing wine, the Nikolaihof Wachau also produces Apricot Schnaps, Apricot Jam, Stewed Apricot, Johanninut Liqueur, Elder-blossom Syrup, Elder Toaster, Mustard Plums, Mustard Pears, Kremser Mustard, and Wachauer Mustard.



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Nikolaihof Wachau
Familie Saahs
Nikolaigasse 3
3512 Mautern, Wachau
T +43 2732 829 01