Weddings and celebrations

We are always happy to arrange weddings, special family celebrations and other enjoyable occasions for you and your guests. We will decorate your wedding table, or see to your birthday cake, we will ring the wedding bells and help with providing music. We are happy to be on hand to help with the organisation of your special occasion and support you in the planning of your 'big day'.

For small celebrations the Garden Room can cater for up to 20 people. In the 'Alte Burg' with its open fireplace, up to 80 people can be entertained, or 60 with space for musicians and a dancing area. In the newly renovated rooms in the first floor (including comfortable lounge and fireplace) there is space for up to 130 guests.

If the weather is appropriate your aperitif can be served on the ancient Celtic worship area in front of the chapel in the inner courtyard.

It is not just the surroundings which are unique at Nikolaihof Wachau, but also our 'Buffet on the Table'. For this all the dishes are laid out on the table and guests help themselves to whatever they wish, and as much as they wish, without having to get to their feet. Of course, we are also happy to arrange, for a minimum of 30 people, a classic buffet (same cost as the 'Buffet am Tisch').

If you would like further information about wedding and other special occasions at Nikolaihof Wachau, please send us your questions.

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